Leap of Faith = Happiness

  • Feb 28, 2024

Sampling a bit of danger can enhance your courage and actually raise your feelings of happiness. While taking too big of a bite might get you hurt or killed (we see you bull runners), learning to drive a Vespa, saying “I love you”, or giving a speech in public can work magic. Here are a few guidelines to apply to your own life.

1.Find your bulls to run with.

Think about things you’ve been putting off or feel like you can’t do. The challenge might be physical, like hang gliding, or maybe it’s emotional, like a job change or going back to school. If it sounds simultaneously possible and terrifying, you’ll know you’ve found the right thing.

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2.Envision bravery — but not recklessness.

Envision doing the thing that scares you, and how you’ll feel about yourself if you take that risk. This will get you used to the idea and make it less daunting. Consider logically and clearly — if you don’t know how to ski, don’t try dropping into the back country from a helicopter. In most cases, visusalizing your white whale will lead you to realize that even if things don’t go smoothly, they won’t end in death (for example, confessing your love).

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3.Make a sensible plan and follow it.

If you want to raise your happiness by taking a risk, you need to do it right, and not just by acting on an impulse. Make a plan, allow time to research and if needed, get into physical and mental shape. Give yourself the added gift of savoring the person you want to become — a person who does a hard thing of their own volition, precisely because it’s hard.

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Content adapted from Arthur C. Brooks, The Atlantic


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